Safe transport and fast shipments: our company's philosophy.


A real force, timely and flexible, with customers that are always satisfied.


Pevere Group operates in the transport, shipping and logistics sector using its own fleet of trucks, road tractors and trailers of the latest generation, thus offering a large load capacity for all destinations. In light of providing integrated services and the market's changing needs, Pevere Group is also involved in sea and air transport. These services take advantage of partnerships with top Shipping Companies and Airlines, ensuring the highest documentary support, management and expertise in the field.

Our operational management is based on continuous specialisation, research and innovation within the entire transport sector, keeping pace with the times and offering flexible and customised solutions to our extensive clientele. Alongside some of the most important industrial groups, Pevere Group has distinguished itself by developing a highly specialised and reliable transport network.

In addition to using its own trucks, our company has partnered with third-party carriers, in exclusive service, in order to constantly expand our transport capacity.


Pevere Group offers its customers the ultimate in transportation and shipping and guarantees: